Welcome to my blog site. Thanks for stopping by. It is my intention to inspire and empower everyone who visits my site with information which will help them to live a healthy and Happy life style. We only have one body so it is imperative that we take care of it.

The younger we start to treat our bodies right the greater the chance it has of being in optimal condition when we reach our prime. And this is no small task considering how the food and chemical industries are hell bend on sending us to an early grave.

Life is about choices and when it comes to our health and wellness we can not afford to leave that choice in the hands of greedy cooperate giants who do not have our best interest at heart.

I look forward to sharing all types of media content and products with you which will  help you stay in control of your own health and wellness.

Here’s to your health!

James Trower

The Healthy Houstonian
Mind, Body, Spirit

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